Professionally Serving Your Documents

If you a need process server, look no further than SeekPoint Legal. We offer high-quality and reliable service at very competitive rates.  It is our mission to serve your essential documents in the most time and cost-effective manner. The foundation of SeekPoint Legal is our reliable and sophisticated team of experts who are skilled in the ins and outs of process serving. We will go the extra mile to ensure that we provide services that you can tell your colleagues about!

Our Process

1. Place Your Order

Place your order using our place order button located at the top of this page, or send your documents to us via email Your documents and instructions are securely sent to our team of experts. Your submitted assignment is logged into our database for tracking and assigned a job number before being dispatched to a process server. 

Process server fees
Placerville process server

2. Out For Service

A professional process server will diligently make every effort to have your documents delivered. No more having to call or email the server for an update, with Seekpoint Legal you’ll be kept informed with real-time updates and GPS coordinates of every service attempt through our automated case tracking software. 

3. Proof Of Service

Your service has been completed and it’s time to file your proof of service! We can file the proof of service for you, if so instructed, or you can access your proof of service through email and our case tracking software before submitting your affidavit to the court. 

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